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Welcome to The Cat & The Moon

We design and manufacture a distinct collection of silver and gold jewellery, which is available through our shop in Sligo in the West of Ireland and from select outlets in Ireland, the UK and the US. Please enjoy the website.

The Craft Shop

The Cat & The Moon Craft Shop is located in 4 Castle Street, Sligo, Ireland. It features a luxurious selection of jewellery, glass, ceramics, textiles, furniture and handcrafts exclusively made in Ireland.

You may learn more about us on our About Us page.


The Cat & The Moon W.B. Yeats Poetry in its Place collection

W.B. Yeats Poetry in its Place

We set the poetry of W.B. Yeats against antiquarian maps of the County Sligo locations that inspired him to write some of his greatest poetry.

Giclee prints are a state-of-the-art rendering, merging professional grade digital print with archival pigment inks and fine-art watercolour papers. The paper used is an acid free unbuffered pulp which along with the pigmented inks will last over 75 years without fading, if not displayed in direct sunlight.

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The Cat & The Moon Spirit Of Ireland collection

Spirit Of Ireland

From Irelands earliest preceltic history dating back over 6000 years, through to the arrival of Christianity and its haunting symbolism Irish history is repelete with complelling motifs. The Spirit Of Ireland collection of jewellery is forged out of that wealth of cultural symbolism. Inspiration flows to us from megalithic carvings at sites such as Newgrange, Knowth Dowth and Loughcrew and through the monastic Christian imagery of the first millenium, informing the exquisite craftsmanship of our modern studio goldsmiths.

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The Cat & The Moon Martina Hamilton Collection collection

Martina Hamilton Collection

Intricate lattices and firework like bursts of silver and gold are the hallmark of this collection. Inspired by cosmic events in the heavens such as Astral, Aurora, Nova, Nebula and Chamaeleon Sky the jewellery has evolved from its original source in seed heads and skeletal plant structures to this stellar display.

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Martina Hamilton is one of Ireland's leading designers of contemporary Irish jewellery. For over 20 years her distinct award winning international brands include Spirit of Ireland and the Martina Hamilton Collection both of which have been designed and handcrafted in her Sligo studio. Our goldsmiths create unique pieces by commission for weddingsOur Goldsmiths design and create unique pieces by commission for weddings, special occasions and corporate customers.

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Est. 1989
Est. 1989
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